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                          "EASY Software" allows Schools and Colleges to accomplish several day's work in a day or within a few hours while leaving historical foot print of past data that can be                           used for years to come go.

Educational Institutions-(School / College) Automation Software- EASY 3.0 - 4.0 client / server based and  web based

Database applications on Client/ Server platforms to suit the needs of companies

Software support, maintenance, training and upgradations for our products and applications

            WebPages Design, Development, hosting for static and dynamic data updations on web for schools / colleges

Shaping "Office / Academic / Administrative " - Excellence

EASY- Educational Automation Software Pvt Ltd, is concentrating for the past 15 years, only in ERP solutions for office automation of all Educational Institutions. Private Schools (CBSE, State Board, Matriculation, ISC etc), Colleges - (Engineering Colleges, Arts & Science Colleges-Affiliated and Autonomous) and Deemed Universities.  The software covers all areas of school / college automation and the details are given under Modules covered.  We have chosen the Educational field after a study of various other "Service" Industries. We have excellent domain expertise in Educational Industry - School / College Automation - ERP Solutions - Totally integrated. Our Company is located in Chennai , South India.

  1. Fully integrated - 25 Modules - School / College Automation Software.

  2. ERP kind of solutions covering all areas of School / College operations.

  3. Product is undergoing continuous upgradation for the past 10 years and different versions are available.

  4. Different Options available

    1. Single School - Multi user
    2. Multi School - Multi user
    3. Single College - Multi user
    4. Multi College - Multi user.
  5. Software is developed and constantly improved by a team of professionals from various disciplines including Chartered accountants, MBAs and Software Developers


School / College Automation Software

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