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  • EASY" - School / College Automation Software is an ERP solution for School / College office automation. Our Company is located in Chennai , South India.

  • The Software covers all the areas which are needed for School / College office automation. Totally Twenty one areas are covered.

  • All the modules are Integrated in such a way that data once entered is automatically updated for other modules without any duplication of work.  For Example : Student Data entered in Student's Master is updated for Class, Fees, Marks, Attendance, Accounts etc. automatically.

  • Teacher / Staff data entered in the master is updated for Subject allocation, Attendance, Time Table, Class allocation, Substitution, Payroll, Accounts, PDF. etc.  The system is designed is such a way that these Student, Teacher and Staff data once entered is used for several modules permanently while their association with school and even after discharge.

  • Both Single User & Multi User Versions are available.  In case of Multi user version user controls are established at different levels with specific entry Password checks for different users.

  • The user need not have any great knowledge of computers as the software is very user friendly and help options are provided at all levels and the use of Software is self Guiding.  Concept of End User computing is fully taken care.

EASY Educational Automation Software Pvt Ltd  School / College Automation Software , Chennai , south India
  • Schools / Colleges need not have to buy any other software like FoxPro/ V.Fox/ V.Basic etc. as this package will work on DOS/Windows platform itself and we would be providing compiled EXE files. For SQL version server will be needed.

  • The Software is developed by a team of software professionals including Chartered Accountants, M.B.A.s and computer professionals over a period of 3 years after system study & consultation with many schools / colleges. For over 10 years software is installed and maintained in 300 schools / colleges.

  • The software is designed to meet the special requirements of schools like C.B.S.E., I.S.C., Matriculation, Government Aided Schools & Colleges - Engineering Colleges and Arts & Science Colleges.

  • Our Services include creation of original data like students data entry, teachers data entry, accounts code creation, fees structure creation, on site training to the users on all areas.

  • Customization of the package is included in the above to suit the needs of individual Institutions.

  • The Package comes with warranty to ensure trouble free working.  Post warranty maintenance is available at nominal cost.

  • About 1000 reports on several options in various modules of the software can either be viewed on the screen or hard copy printout can be taken.  Lots of new reports and query options are added continuously.

  • Constant improvements are made in the package by our professionals and improved versions in the same platform are supplied free to users during warranty and post warranty service period.

  • Latest version is developed on current technologies. It is a visual GUI based software which will support Multitasking/ Multi user operations.

  • OS level security - Software is developed with SQL server as back end and  VB front end which can be loaded on Windows 2000 or 2003 server which is highly secured server.

  • Back end Database level security - SQL server database can be accessed or copied or modified only by authorized person like an administrator with company rights through Windows server or SQL rights.

  • EASY Software level security Software is divided into two major parts one for data entry EASY ENTRY and the second for reports EASY REPORTS / MIS.

  • user rights to the micro level - Software has 17 Modules with approx 300 Entry options and 1000 MIS Reports options and Right can be given to staff for even a single sub menu option on the ENTRY module or REPORTS module and a particular user will be allowed to use only areas permitted to him.

  • New version of SQL server  can handle  large volume of data. Even one million records can be processed in a few seconds and thus it helps true multi user and multi tasking - any number of users nodes can be connected at the same time.

  • Full use of the entire Software - There is no data security constraint and all the users in the School / College can use the entire 12 modules plus the add on modules like library, inventory, hostel software as per rights given to them without one knowing others work. Information updated by one user will be readily available to the other users instantly in the entire network for the whole institutions which is a great advantage. All the modules can be put to simultaneous use.

  • New versions has the facility of storage and display of Students, Teachers, Staff photos and the signatures in the database. This technology will support linking of other pictorial objects and display for different data units.

  • Most of the reports have separate graphical presentation of outputs.

  • In addition to having facility for screen view & printing of reports, most of the reports can be saved either as text or in excel format.

  • EXTRA OPTIONS AND ADVANCED FEATURES.                                                                                                       
    New version is developed with Master based data creations particularly with respect to Students, Teachers, Staff, Accounts, Library etc. This will ensure ease and uniform method of selection of fields while doing data entry. Because of this multi query reports are based on versions fields in the database.

  • INTERNET ACCESS:                                                                                                                                                
    The New software is a current generation server based version and it will permit future upgrade in vertical and horizontal directions. Once all the users are fully conversant with the use of the software and the data is ready in all the areas, they can opt ASP.NET version and it will be possible by the school / college to put up a co-loading server for web access of various information. Every student, teacher, parents etc., can be given login/ password to view selected information on the web.