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  • EASY version 4.0 is built on current platforms using MS SQL / .Net Version
  • Increased innovation,

  • Faster time to complete various work,

  • Provide timely information in a more accurate manner,

  • regulatory compliance,

  • make latest data available to all users,

  • avoid duplication of work and integrate data to maximum possible,

  • increase in productivity,

  • ensure maximum data security,

  • ease of operating the software and to make it more user friendly,

  • reliability of various software functions

              The above are some of the guiding factors for our company to produce the most recent EASY 4.0 client / server based and web based applications with the following special features.

  • EASY 4.0 is an enhanced version over EASY 3.0 (which was a local network version). In EASY 4.0, entries and data updations are done in the intranet using VB front end only. However selected reports relating to students, fees, timetable, marks can be accessed through Internet in EASY 4.0.

  • Fully Integrated - ERP kind of solutions covering all areas of School / College operations.

  • ASP. Net version provides for user login/ password for every student and web display of important information like  fees, Marks, Time Table, Attendance, Special instructions etc., for every student.

  • Software is developed and constantly improved by a team of professionals from various disciplines including Chartered accountants, MBAs and Software Developers.

  • The Software has options to take over 1000 reports in all the 17 Modules and if sub-options are included the number of reports are many more.