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  • EASY version 6.0 is built on current platforms using MS SQL / .Net Version,
  • This will ensure that deployment of software can be done in latest Windows servers with all features so that it can be used for some years without any need for OS upgrade in the near future.
  • Increased innovation,

  • Faster time to complete various work,

  • Provide timely information in a more accurate manner,

  • regulatory compliance,

  • make latest data available to all users,

  • avoid duplication of work and integrate data to maximum possible,

  • increase in productivity,

  • ensure maximum data security,

  • ease of operating the software and to make it more user friendly,

  • reliability of various software functions

              The above are some of the guiding factors for our company to produce the most recent EASY 6.0 client / server based and web based applications with the following special features.