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Various versions of our software like EASY 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 provide excellent reports under different modules . These reports are dynamic in nature and are generated from the latest data available in the system.

Lot of reports are pertaining to individual student and the areas could be relating to Fees payment, Fees dues, Attendance, Marks, Home work, Time table, Parent Teacher meeting, Circulars etc.

Most of the information generated by EASY software- reports option have to be communicated to parents either with or without attachment in the form of Word, Excel, HTML or PDF format.

"EASY-Email" - add-on module will pick up variable dynamic data from the school / college database and send automatic emails to selected students as per need of the occasion.

This a very useful and fast mode of communication with Parents and the outside world which offers instant dynamic solution.

Eg. If the school wants to communicate with only the Fee due list parents for a given term, Email software will pickup only the email ids of pending students and the amount will be communicated to the parents for payment of fees. Same way options are available for Marks despatch - Software will automatically generate the Marks sheet and send it to the parents by email attachment.

Email software has got the facility to store 3 email ids for every student - Father id, Mother id and Guardian id. This will ensure accurate delivery of messages to atleast one working id.

Schools / Colleges can set the sender id either in Public web mails such as Gmail or private boxes of the institutions.