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Online Payment of fees is an addon facility, which educational institutions can use for easy fees collection. Current day emphasis is on digitization of payments.
Easy Software has tied up with leading Payment Gateway Companies and Banks for online payment facility. EASY SOFTWARE VERSION 6.0 is integrated with online payment software.
Each Student will be given Username / Password to end point.
This is the need of the hour.  Schools / Colleges can buy the required addon module and install the ASP.NET software in their servers at School or college itself.
Smaller organisations which dont have the facility to host a 24 hour dedicated web payment server, they can use our hosting services for a fee.We provide hosting facility on selective bases.
This will require setting up a 24 hour server at the school / college with uninterrupted power supply with IIS facility. Windows 2008 server OS has to be set up with atlease4 GB memory and the Hardware has to be of SEVER class.
STATIC IP also will be required for the server internet connection.
Each student will be given user name/ pass word and they will be able to access only their data.
Software will display all the fees dues from that student and parents can pay the fees thru web either by net banking system or by Debit / Credit card.
For parents, software will give receipt immediately upon payment completion.
In addition, software will automatically update the fees collection records of the school in the software immediately upon payment on web by parents.
School / college has to enter into an agreement with the payment gateway company, collecting banker and EASY as support company for providing the facility for web payment through various banks and credit cards.
PAYMENT PROCEDURE : PAYMENT gateway COMPANY TO SCHOOLS / COLLEGES: All payments received from parents on account of school fees will be credited to the school's bank account on T +2 date. Eg all payments received on 1st Nov 2011 will be credited on 3 Nov 2011. Same procedure will be followed for all web payment credits. Generally all web payments received by different PAYMENT GATEWAY companies are kept in designated bank accounts as per RBI rules until such time payments are made to the schools on T + 2 date.
Since our software will automatically update the web payments to the school / college fees receipts module instantly, it will reduce work load of office staff considerably.