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Educational Institutions-(School / College) Automation Software- EASY 3.0 - 4.0 client / server based and  web based

Database applications on Client/ Server platforms to suit the needs of companies

Software support, maintenance, training and upgradations for our products and applications

            WebPages Design, Development, hosting for static and dynamic data updations on web for schools / colleges


Ours is a Company specializing in the Domain of Educational Institutions Automation Software - EASY. Our Company is located in Chennai , South India.

Typical ERP solutions for School / Colleges to automate the areas of operations
25 Modules)

Fully tested and the Software is installed in around 300 institutions.

Product is undergoing continuous upgradation for the for the past 10 years and different versions are available.  
Single School - Multi user    2) Multi School - Multi user
3) Single College - Multi user  4) Multi College - Multi user

EASY 3.0

WIN 2003 server, MS SQL/ VB/ V.Fox

Version with high level of data Security and user Login/ password for every item on the menu of the Software.

 EASY 4.0

WIN 2003 Server/ IIS Server/ SQL server/ ASP.Net

Internet Based Version with user Login/ password and each user.

EASY 5.0

WIN 2008 R2 Server/ SQL server 2008/ VB.Net

Can be used for some years without any need for OS upgrade in the near future.