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  • The software is available in both DOS and Windows version.

  • The software has got the facility to create a question data bank for different subjects for various classes, question type wise.

  • Question Data Bank, once created can be used for setting up any number of question papers.

  • Question Data Bank can be created chapter wise for different Class / Subjects.  While setting up Question Paper, chapters can be specified so that questions are selected from specific chapters.

  • Question Paper can be set up either automatically through computer selection or questions can be selected manually also, depending on the school's need.

  • Question papers, after creation can be transferred to any text editing software like WordStar, MS-Word etc. if any changes are to be made, it can be done and printouts can be taken in Windows format also.

  • At the time of installation of the software, Subjects details and Class details will be created and the software will be loaded with these two data.