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This module provides the facility to send SMS to parent's-(Father or Mother or Guardian's) mobile numbers for :

  1. Student Attendance
  2. Exam Marks
  3. Fees Payable intimation as well as defaulters sms 
  4. General messages as in approved templates.

    1. Transport
2. Holiday
3. Homework
4. Parent Teacher Meeting

This provides great opportunity for the School/College to be in constant touch with the parents and advise them of all the events almost instantly. SMS module can be customized to include additional areas as per specific needs of institutions.
School/Colleges need not buy any MODEM or any other software for sending the SMS. Just internet connection is enough. Our SMS module works through internet.
As per latest TRAI rules all the SMS sent by Educational institutions will have to be in the approved format and SMS in unapproved templates will not be delivered to the receiver.
We have taken approval from Telecom operators through the SMS provider for important areas of a School / College like - Attendance, Marks, Fees, Transport delay etc, Holiday, Home work, Parent Teacher meeting etc and messages can be sent in these approved formats to any of the mobile numbers in India.
As explained in the case of email, SMS module also will dynamically pick of information and send it to only the required students as needed by the user and the same can be sent to any number in India.
Software has the facility to capture Mobile numbers of Father, Mother or Guardian.
Users can send SMS to any of the selected numbers either for whole school, class wise or for a particular student.
Each College / school will be given user id and pass word and the SMS module can be operated from anywhere using web interface in case of any emergency. SMS web site has the facility to store all the mobile numbers under groups and any approved template messages can also be sent directly through the web site itself.

Interface with Biometric Attendance

We provide direct interface for Barcode based Attendance for Teachers and Staff. All reports can be taken from the system. We also provide updation of database from third party Biometric readers. This has to be customized.