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Educational Institutions-(School / College) Automation Software- EASY 3.0 - 4.0 client / server based and  web based

Database applications on Client/ Server platforms to suit the needs of companies

Software support, maintenance, training and upgradations for our products and applications

            WebPages Design, Development, hosting for static and dynamic data updations on web for schools / colleges

    WebServices for Schools / Colleges

  • We have an efficient team of professionals specializing in Web based applications.

  • Schools / Colleges are obviously the main segment where we concentrate to provide our services including web based development.

  • We develop normal WebPages with static contents. The following links are for some of the sites developed by us

                    i. sishya.com

                    ii. ffssoft.com

                    iii. seyadschool.com

                    iv. pipschool.in

                    v. sugunapips.in

                    vi. sbioaet.com

  • We also offer our product EASY 4.0 (ASP. Net version) which has the facility to view many reports through internet. Options are available to provide separate login & password for every user and access to information on the web is restricted as per rights given to them.

  • We are presently hosting all the sites in quality hired servers and have plans to put up our own web servers to take care of the needs of various schools and colleges.

  • Once our servers are ready, we will offer support to all our client schools / colleges hosting facility and software for dynamic update of data on the web.