Essential Tool for Every Educational Institution..... Essential Tool for Every Educational Institution


Student, Teacher,Staff,Fees Accounts Modules

  • Students’ Profiling is a very important part of Educational ERP and we have designed an exhaustive list of information about every student – both current as well as past students.
  • Student information is conveniently grouped into 5 major headings and around 100 fields of information is collected about a student.
  • Student data varies for different institutions – Schools / Colleges. Unlimited General reports and user defined reports can be taken and exported to Excel for further use.
  • We normally convert the first time data received from Schools / colleges in any excel format or other data base format to our requirement and the software is loaded with full information for the school.
  • Since EASY ERP is totally integrated with all modules, students information is automatically shared for every other operation instantly.
  • WE have designed in such a way that when the student gets promoted to higher classes, year to year transfer procedure takes care of all the needs of the institution , with regard to past year data and current year data.
  • Students information is a treasure in the hands of the institution and will be available in the local computer of every institution.

  • Complete information about every Teacher is captured in this module.
  • Structure of information varies for Schools and Colleges. Very exhaustive based on the nature of institution.
  • In case of Autonomous colleges and Deemed universities, the requirements are different and we have separate profiling and Student feedback is customizable to the need of the organization. Since it is an integrated ERP Teacher data is shared automatically across all other modules like Timetable, Marks, Attendance, Payroll etc.

  • Non Teaching staff data entry is very similar to Teaching staff data. They normally take care of finance , administrative , management support and office support responsibilities.
  • ERP will automatically share the data of Staff for other modules applicable to them including payroll

  • This module provides the basic foundation for other modules.
  • In case of schools , first time creation of classes and sections and future additions/modifications can be done through this module.
  • In case of Affiliated/autonomous colleges & Deemed universities, creation of Courses/batch/year and subject allocation , is a vital component of ERP and this module takes care of all the need.
  • The entire process of Controller of Examinations will revolve around the base data creation in this module and the process of COE , is explained separately under Examination / Marks module. This will also keep changing based on various committee decision every year.

  • FEEs module is a vital part of EASY ERP. This is one of the most trusted modules, used by all institutions which is upgraded and customized over several years. Each institution will get the Fees module to their exact need. EASY software’s specialization is in Fees module which will take care of all the revenue control of organizations.
  • FEES is a very exhaustive module, customized to the exact need of every institution – Schools or Self financing Colleges or Aided colleges or Autonomous colleges or Deemed university.
  • Covers all kinds of fees like Admission fees, Tuition fees, Term fees, Book and Uniform Fees, Transport fees including Route allocation, Hostel fees, Miscellaneous etc. with full payment or payment facility. Multiple bank credit options provided for different heads of fees.
  • Whatever be the size of the institution, whatever be the complication involved in fees collection, whatever be the mode of collection, we can assist to computerize the Fees module in less than 7 days of implementation. Online fees collection can be provided within 2 weeks of receipt of required KYCs and other letters to Payment Gateway companies.
  • Fees collection can be done through all options – Institution collection ( Cash or Cheque), Direct bank transfer into institution Bank account , challan creation through software for issuance to students, POS machine collection, Online fees collection etc,
  • Software has the provision for various reports for the management and audit requirements. Fees module is auto synchronized with online fees collection and different kinds of MIS reports are provided.
  • Collection registers for a date / period, Defaulters List of Different kind ( varies for individual institution and customized for their need), Fees payable /paid reconciliation reports etc are available. There are around 60 different variants of Fees reports which will satisfy the need of all institutions.

  • School / College transport is a major area in terms of Bus/route allocation for each student and collection of fees as per the need of the school / college.
  • EASY ERP has provision for every requirement of Transport fees management and multi divisional bank credit / accounting is provided in the software. Online fees collection support is also provided extra.
  • Transport fees module is as efficient like the main Fees module and is customized to the exact need of the institution. Transport fees dues can be defined either Monthly or Term wise or annually.
  • Will be very user friendly and efficient to operate.

  • EASY has a Payroll module which is integrated with Teacher and Staff module.
  • Payroll has provision for creation of one time pay masters and also fixed deductions. Software has all options for preparation of monthly salary, PF data export to excel, LOP entries, Salary sheets print out, pay slip print and dispatch by email, various cumulative salary summary of each employee, scale registers etc.
  • User friendly module which can take care of the need of any institution with even large number of employees.
  • Final salary figures can be sent to banks for credit to employees by NEFT. All reports until final dispatch of letters to banks for employee credit is taken care by the software. Soft copy or hard copy of list can be given to banks as per their specification.

  • EASY ERP comes with a built in full fledged Accounts module which is integrated with other modules like Fees, Students, Staff, Inventory, Library etc.
  • Accounts module has options for entry of - Payment Vouchers, fees Receipts & other Receipts, Journal vouchers, Purchase vouchers, Student debits etc. All source entries comes with base entry and approval/ posting options by higher authorities. It is developed with the General Ledger and Sub Ledger concept.
  • Accounts module has all the standard options for viewing of all Reports like listing of all the source vouchers like JV, PV, RV etc , Individual Ledger statements, General Ledger Trial balance, Sub Ledger Trial balance, Income & Expenditure statements, Receipts and Payments and Balance sheet.
  • Sub Ledger will facilitate for multiple statements view for one student or Staff or Supplier as per category of debit or credit transactions and also consolidated view. Institutions which require integrated accounts module with total security of data use EASY Accounts module.
  • Institutions who use TALLY or other accounting software for Macro accounting, can use “Tally export” options for transfer of receipts data from EASY to TALLY which is explained separately.

Academic Modules

  • Teacher / Staff Attendance : Manual attendance entry and reports option are available as a standard feature.
    Biometric attendance: Data capture is automatic from Biometric machines and EASY ERP has provision for multiple shifts, week day off provision for individual employees, Late arrival , Early departure permissions, Leave entitlement adjustments and final calculation of LOP for each month. These are used in large institutions with even 1000 employees very effectively. Customization of various conditions is provided.
  • Student Attendance - Schools : Provision is made available in all versions EASY ERP - EASY 5.0 local network and EASY 6.0 WEB enabled version with auto link to EASY 7.0 APP.
  • Class teacher has to mark only the absent students for a date. Software has provision for different kinds of Attendance reports like - Absentees list for a date , for a student , for a class , summary for a Term etc.
  • Student Attendance – Colleges : Hour wise or Day wise Attendance - facility as per the need of the college is provided.
  • Very extensive module available for Autonomous colleges and Deemed Universities as customized to the need of the institution. Different kinds of analytical reports given based on subject wise attendance % are provided as standard options. Data is made available for Student login view and is also integrated with the COE marks module.


  • EASY ERP has devised an easy method of TT preparation for all schools – Computer interfaced Selection method.
  • This reduces the TT preparation time to minimum possible and the users are provided with different help options to make it easy for them.
  • Lot of TT reports are available – TT for Class & section, for a Teacher, Consolidated All Teacher Timetable , All class TT , Free teachers for a period, substitution list for a date, substitution summary etc. Entire TT will be available in the network including option for view of TT by Teachers and students anytime on the web.
  • Class TT will display, Subject & Teacher , details for every period and summary at the bottom on total subject hours for the week and the teacher wise subject wise summary.
  • Substitution provision is available with instant help option for allocation. In large schools, substitution module is integrated with bio metric data.


  • Time Table scheduling for colleges are also provided in the same basis of Computer interfaced selection method.
  • All reports and online view of TT scheduling available for colleges also.
  • In case of total integrated environment for Autonomous colleges and Deemed universities, TT can be linked to COE Marks module which is explained later.
  • TT scheduling can be customized only for some Autonomous and Deemed Universities to take care of special need of the institution.
  • Standard features like various TT reports and display on the web to students are built in the software.


  • Customized Marks software is provided as per the curriculum followed by the individual school – CBSE , Matric, State Board, ISC, IB etc . We have an exhaustive module to take care of student Marks.
  • Every report like Mark sheet, Student Progress card, Performance Analysis etc will be provided as per the exact need of the institution.
  • Software can be installed in School server and provision can be made for online view for parents through separate login or entire process of data entry and view can be made through cloud server also.
  • Marks module has been found useful by many schools


  • In case of affiliated colleges, Marks module is mainly used for internal exams and we have different types of provision for the same. Internal exam marks entry, communication to students/ parents and teacher wise analysis etc. Will be provided as per the need of the college.
  • For Autonomous Colleges and Deemed Universities, the requirements are very large and we have a full fledged Controller of Exams ( COE ) module which will have all options right from Admission to issuance of final certificates to students.
  • COE module is customized to various colleges as per need of the college and affiliated University. Continuous support is provided for any modifications as per syllabus and schemes proposed by the University. Software is available in Local network version and cloud version. Colleges can choose the desired option or combination of both modules.
  • Since COE module is used in many colleges we have sufficient knowledge on the COE office requirement. In addition to Course wise/semester wise subject allocation for various courses depending on the batch/Exam policy - marks entry, Various reports etc, Student display of marks, online payment of exam fees, Exam seat allocation, Dummy number support, Semester mark sheet, Cumulative mark sheet etc are standard options provided to colleges as per their need.
  • To sum up COE module is a very exhaustive module used in many Autonomous colleges.

Financial & Administrative Modules

  • Emphasis is given to digital settlements. We have been supporting many institutions with digital payment solutions for a long time.
  • We have tied up with leading payment gateway companies and banks to provide solutions. We can provide online payment of fees solutions within a short time upon receipt of KYC and required letters from institutions.
  • As we have explained , Fees solutions are the main specialty of EASY ERP and whatever be the size and complication of the institutions, we can provide the online payment solution with multiple bank settlement facility in less than 2 weeks.

  • Many institutions use TALLY as the accounting software for Macro accounting.
  • We have provided options in the EASY ERP for export of all receipts from EASY ERP to TALLY. This data transfer also will be provided as per accounting procedure used by the institution. Data transfer to TALLY will be done keeping in mind the multi institution accounting policy followed by them.

  • In case of medium to large campuses maintenance is a major area which requires proper follow up and completion of work and to keep records of work done for historic records and future planning.
  • This module covers two areas viz Free Warranty maintenance for new assets and AMC management of various assets post warranty. Software has the facility to record all the AMC contracts signed with various vendors, cost involved, renewal date etc and to manage periodic as well as emergency breakdown maintenance. The module will cover all assets in the campus ranging from Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Vehicle, Furniture and Fixtures, AC, Office equipment etc.
  • This module is the continuation of Class Room and Fixed assets module which is described separately under a different heading.

  • Transport management is an important area for many institutions. Most of the schools and colleges own a fleet of vehicles which involves lot of money to manage.
  • There are lot of time bound renewals like vehicle Permit, License, insurance,FC, Vehicle service due dates etc which are to be tracked for the entire fleet. Software has provision to keep the due dates for all the essential purposes as above and "list of weekly and monthly action to be taken reports" are available.
  • Vehicle Log covering Start/End kms , destination point, fuel filling details and vehicle operating efficiency in terms of mileage etc can be tracked through the software.
  • Vehicle repairs and maintenance details grouped into different types, vendor details , expenses incurred for the year or period etc can be entered in the system and the performance efficiency of each vehicle can be tracked.
  • Module will be useful to large schools / colleges with many vehicles in the fleet

  • This module will permit import of data from bio metric machines and will produce all the output reports needed for the institution.
  • Very extensive software which has facility to configure many features like multiple shifts for individual employees, in time / out time configuration for various shifts, grace time configuration, support of input from multiple bio metric machines, various reports like daily attendance list, absentees list, Late comers list , month wise / employee wise summary and LOP calculation as per rules of school / college.
  • Several institutions have found it useful to manage the employee timings.

Academic Addon

  • Software has been updated for the past many years taking feedback from several schools / colleges who are currently using the software.
  • Library module - EASY LIB – has the facility to take input of all data about each book. Supports multiple library within the campus and media type also can be stored. Fully integrated with the main ERP and the members data comprising Students / Teachers / Staff is automatically shared from the main ERP.
  • Barcode label is supported by the software for issue - returns.
  • Software has got several reports options covering book stock, issues made, returns , over due books, stock taking reports etc. OPAC - query report also is provided.

  • In the current days of Covid 19 and digitalized era , Online Admission module is used in almost many colleges and schools. Online application module is customized to the exact need of the individual institution. Customization will cover application form input details and various selection reports.
  • This module provides for User id registration in a secured manner with OTP and online payment of registration / application fees, filling up of forms online, entering of marks and upload of essential documents, various reports to the management for selection of students based on rank list, intimation of selection and payment of admission fees.
  • Module varies as per the need of the institution viz Affiliated colleges, Autonomous colleges, Deemed universities, Schools etc have different application sale / selection criteria and the software will take care of exact need of the institution as per Government and university norms.
  • Finally there will be provision to transfer the admitted students from the Application module to the main ERP.

Communication Modules

  • This module takes care of the need to send normal SMS to mobile numbers of parents / students. We have tied up with leading SMS gateway companies for dispatch of messages.
  • However in the recent months, TRAI has introduced DLT regulations, which makes it very regulated for SMS senders. Entity registration, Header registration, Template registration is compulsory for dispatch of SMS
  • DLT charges has also increased the cost per SMS and character restrictions also are applicable for each SMS. Extra characters will be treated as multiple SMS. Messages can be sent through web login provided to schools / colleges.
  • Many institutions are making use of the Mobile App and web login to parents, which has lot of options and facilities to overcome the issues faced in conventional SMS through mobile. Characters restriction is not there while sending messages through the APP.

Inventory/Assets and Infrastructure Modules

  • Fixed Assets management forms a major part of all institutions financial control. This module has options for creation of various Blocks , Room types, Rooms, area etc and the entire facility in the campus can be numerically mapped with total area available for various purposes.
  • It has options to create various Assets major group , Sub group, Asset individual codes to designate each kind of asset.
  • Allocation of assets to each room, purchase date / value entry and preparation of assets list room wise, block summary, Total assets value summary etc can be taken from the software. This module will be useful for taking information of all assets for insurance purposes and future planning. Whenever college has to provide information for various accreditation agencies , this module will provide various input requirements.
    This module will form the basis for "campus AMC management".

  • Apart from Fixed assets, consumable inventory is purchased and used in all institutions. This module takes care of all the need of “ in / out “ and closing stock of consumables.
  • Software has the facility for - creation of product group , and creation of product masters, Purchases/ goods inward accounting, and issues to various users/department, stock transfer etc.
  • Stock reports and valuation report also can be taken anytime.